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§Seneca Roadmap

Seneca tries to follow a quarterly release schedule with major changes gated behind subsequent releases. This is to enforce the continuity of development, and to ensure that semver is properly followed. These goals may change at any time based on challenges encountered or contributions from the community.

§3.0.0 - August 2016

  • Add new logging system to support object based logging.
  • Announce deprecation of ‘old’ logging system.
  • Full removal of entity logic from seneca.
  • Full removal of seneca-web from seneca.
  • Release of seneca-mesh 1.0 for production.
  • Completion of ‘Golden Circle’ set of highly maintained plugins.

§4.0 - Late 2016

  • Plugin seneca-web no longer included by default.
  • Transport specification versioned and updated.
  • Transport refactored fully into seneca-transport.
  • New base Transport layer for preview.
  • Full transport pluggability supported.

§5.0 - Early 2017

  • Full deprecation of
  • Removal of rarely used default plugins.
  • Reworking of seneca plugin system.
  • Performance optimisations.

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